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Interesting facts about Thai food: - the average Thai eats about a pound of rice a day. And it is the main dish, not a side dish. Even the word "is" in Thai means "to eat rice." - As the dominant religion in Thailand - Buddhism, it means that there are no restrictions on the use of certain products. - The word "Thai" means "free", and Thai cuisine can truly be called a kitchen freedom. In Thailand, there are no exact rules of cooking. How many cooks - so many versions of the same dish. - Meals can safely start with any dish - even with a sweet, even with the soup, no one will interrupt you, and point out that for anything to eat. Khantok - the so-called round table with a rotating center. That can usually put all the dishes at once: an appetizer and soup, and dessert, and side dish. - Replacement of our chips found in Thai fried insects that are prevalent in their kitchen. In 100 grams of insects, about the same amount of protein and much less fat than a kilogram of beef. But this is considered a delicacy fried scorpion. It is served in fine restaurants with slight sour sauce. - The most calories of Thai fruits - durian. Despite the fact that he is a delicious fruit, the smell of it is not the most pleasant. For appearing with him at the hotel can even be fined. Take this fruit and go unnoticed not work. - In a Thai lunch use at least 40 species of herbs and spices. Many of them have medicinal properties. For example, bitter chili during the Second World War, local doctors treated open wounds, and now it can be used to recover from colds and bronchitis. The first dishes of soup in Thai cuisine huge amount, and each of them differs own, special taste. In our view, a mixture of different foods and spices seem nesochitaemym, and the taste will be amazing. Traditional spicy Thai soup is "TOM YUM KUNG" (Tom Yam Kung), which uses a lot of spices. A large number of soups made from rice, is a part of many coconut. For example, coconut chicken soup or pumpkin soup with coconut. Just as we have, there is soup, served only hot or only cold. Many soups made from vegetables. Second course basis and the most important staple food in the country - Fig. This side dish and main course, it even served as a dessert. Food for a simple Thai khao means, ie Fig. There are two varieties of rice and two methods of preparation. Powdery white rice "khao Suai" is eaten with a spoon, imposing figure with a fork in it, to keep in the left hand. Glutinous rice "khao neo" eat with your right hand, rolling out a small ball. The most popular dishes with rice: • fried rice "khao phat" with fish, crabs, • «Phat prick buy kraphao" - roast with rice and spices, • «khao us prick Long Ryu" - spicy rice with shrimp, vegetables or eggs. Second staple food - noodles and pasta of all kinds. There are two distinct types of noodles that Thai fried in oil - it's sticky rice noodles and bean noodles "mash." Dry noodles are usually soaked before cooking for 10-20 minutes until tender. Then drain the water and cook, usually short-lived. It can be served noodles and eggs, and peanuts, and bean sprouts, and pork, and chicken. But as for pasta, the most popular forms of this: • «E crop" - fried noodles with sweet and sour sauce, "Naam" - boiled noodles with broth, • «Phat Thai" - lightly fried rice noodles with meat sauce, eggs, shrimp, bean sprouts and green onions, • «khamon yin" - a long, thin rice noodles with sauce and salad • «pits Wun sen" - very spicy salad with cold noodles. • There is a Thai cooking noodles and marinated (very long) . accepted that a chef who takes a willing heart longevity noodles to everyone feeds lunch. Equally widespread product in Thai cuisine is fish and seafood. Different species of fish abundance of dishes to delight the Thai table. considered the best national dishes such as • spicy seafood salad "LAAA», • acute papaya salad with crab "COMT», • lard herbs boiled mackerel "plan that», • spicy rice with Thai basil and seafood - "Khao Phat Khi Mao." meat in the diet is used relatively less often than the fish, due to their relatively high cost. Distributed Duck and fried chicken "gai yang" sour salad of meat - "Larp" slices of marinated pork, chicken or duck - "Moo Daeng", grilled meats "wells LSA" sausages of minced cured pork - "recruitment", a stew of chicken, "Khao Mun Kai" and yeast cakes "salaphao" with various fillings. Desserts and fruit fruit But in this country is never enough, because they grow all year round. Only bananas grown here for more than 20 species. Thais eat their greens and boiled. Well, coconuts in Thailand - both for our potatoes. Mango, pineapple, watermelon, papaya, pomelo, durian - all this can eat every day. ripen in July sugar apples. Fruits are widely used in the preparation of various desserts. Coconut lot of "chup Luuk Khan" with jelly, issued in the form of balls, like taste and Thais and tourists. gladden may sweet tooth as delicious desserts there are many. This exotic fruit in maple syrup, and flavored bananas in coconut milk and sweet rice pudding. Drinks favorite drink Thais - cold water "Naam yen", as well as fresh juices "Naam kgan" or juice with ice and syrup " Naam pan. "especial drink can be considered" saline "fresh fruit juices, amazing taste. Very popular coffee, tea and a variety of chilled lemonade. Regarding alcoholic beverages, it is known that good beer is brewed, not only in Germany or the Czech Republic, its cook and Thailand. first beer back in Siam was brewed in 1933. oldest and well-known abroad, Thai brand - «Singha», which means "Lion", the brainchild of brewery «Boon Rawd». three types of beer (Singha ( 6%), Singha Gold (4,8%) and Singha Draft (4,8%) is made from Thai barley. High quality drink due to the fact that at one time Phraya Bhakdi Bhirom-founder «Boon Rawd», trained by Bavarian brewers. According to manufacturers, the name was given to the beer after the mythical lion from ancient legends, represents the strength, stability and refinement. Golden Lion, painted on each bottle and the bank, said that «Singha» - King of Thai beer. Along with European countries are sold and served in bars and restaurants, whiskey and brandy.