среда, 22 мая 2013 г.

Torogovy brand of fashion and ethnic cuisine Intellectual Property Strategy Headquarters Japanese government unveiled a plan to create a "brand in Japan" (Japan brand) for the export of products of the Japanese fashion and dishes of Japanese cuisine. Soon headquarters set up a working group to create "brand in Japan", which will include leading designers, fashion designers and experts in the culinary field. They will develop an export brand, which must provide the same popularity overseas Japanese fashion and Japanese cuisine, which are Japanese movies, music and video games. The government is also considering a blueprint for a special prize of the Prime Minister "the best chef in Japan." In addition to academic experts in the working group will also include Hirohisa Koyama, owner of the restaurant of national cuisine "Aoyagi"; Kiyomi Mikuni, chef and owner of the hotel Hotel de Mikuni; Nobuyuki Ota, head of interior fashion "Issey Miyake", as well as fashion designer Yumiko Hara and designer Akira Minagawa. His first, a preliminary report from the working group plans to make in February, after discussing all the possible ways of establishing export brand fashion products and cooking. Since the 1970's in Japan, a host of talented designers who have received international recognition, such as Issey Miyake and Yohji Yamamoto. However, they know more abroad than in their home country. Officials say that the creation of commercial brand for culinary products will boost the popularity and understanding of Japanese culture around the world. If Japanese cuisine abroad will become more popular, it will give Japan an opportunity to increase exports of agricultural commodities. The government has recognized the need to promote the propagation of Japanese dishes, because recently the first-class Japanese restaurants began play in tough competition, which is in a sharp economic downturn and abroad began to form a negative image of Japanese cuisine, allegedly having a poor range. "We want to establish a" brand in Japan "on fashion and cooking products that can win the world wide popularity, along with high-tech products, music and movies. So we will increase the competitiveness of the domestic industry and improve the image of Japan, which will lead to an increase in the number of tourists, "- said the representative of the staff.